Library Rules

Library General Rules:

  1. The Library will remain open from 9.30a.m. to 7.00p.m. on all working days.
  2. Every user on entering the library will sign his/her name in the Register kept at the entrance and leaves all his/her personal belongings such as personal textbooks, umbrellas, bags, vanity cases, etc., at the counter.
  3. Identity Card to be shown at the Counter.
  4. Use of Mobile Phone, Smoking and loud conversation or any such act that is likely to disturb other readers are strictly forbidden in the library.
  5. Borrowing and return of the books should be done at the circulation desk. Users should not themselves replace the books on the shelves.
  6. All the issued books must be returned on or before the due date so as to avoid overdue charges and make them available for use by other members as well.
  7. User should not write or make any mark or otherwise damage any book, periodicals or other materials belonging to the library. In case of any such damage, users will be required to reimburse the cost. Appropriate fines for the damage, the extent of which will be determined by the Assistant Librarian.
  8. Every borrower must return all the books in his/her possession to the library when called for by the Assistant Librarian for purpose of stock checking. The Librarian reserves the right to call for any book before the due date.
  9. Students are advised not to issue Books to others on their names.
  10. The user should get a 'No Due Certificate' letter from the Assistant Librarian.
  11. No visitor or guest is permitted to use the Library without the prior permission of the Assistant Librarian. He/She is required to produce a proper introduction letter from the concerned Institution/Organization.
  12. No photograph of the Library shall be taken without the prior permission of the Assistant Librarian.
  13. All students are advised to come to the Library in decent dress as they are in the classrooms.